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12 Credit Pre-Selected Package $45.00*

12 Credits A la carte $65.00

The A la carte option allow you to choose from multiple topics and 2 different instructors.
*All 12 credits must be complted to receive certificate. Any student need partial credit hours must choose the a la carte option.

New Students:

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Returning Students:

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12 credit Package - $45.00  

A la Carte tuition:          

12 Credits - $65             10 credits- $55

8 credits - $45                6 credits - $35

4 credits - $30                2 credits - $20

*Prices and subject matter are subject to change at anytime and without notice. A la carte topics are listed as $20. As you add the courses to your cart the discount for multiple courses will be automatically applied.  You must register for multi-credits in one transaction to receive the prices listed about. If you register in separate transactions, e.g., register for 6 credits one day $35 and 6 credits another $35 you will be charged $35 twice, not $65.00. You must register for all credits you plan to take in one payment transaction. We will not issue a refund for those that choose not to do so.


The courses are set up as video presentations. There is audio and video components to this course.

Each 2 hour subject is split into two one hour video presentations taught by an instructor.

There is NO EXAM!

Once all hours are completed students will be able to print their own certificate(s).

You may take one hour at a time or sit for all twelve, whatever fits your schedule! The course is taken completely at your leisure! 

 ***The courses are timed, and students are unable to fast forward. There are attendance checkpoints placed randomly throughout the videos.

Students have 3 months from date of registration to complete the course.  

Registration Directions


Please email info@area-school.com (7 days) Call 781-893-2832 (M-F 9am - 3pm) or 781-325-8016 (Any time the office is closed inlcuding evenings, weekends and holidays)


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Technical Requirements

Students will need access to the internet and a valid email address to complete the course online. DigitalChalk currently supports functionality within Internet Explorer , Firefox, and Safari. 

If it is your first time using our online education system you will need to click "Create a New Account" Once you create an account you will be able to see our course offerings.  *****It does not cost any $$ to create an account. You will only be asked for your credit card information when you register for a course. If you have already been on the site you will need to "login" with your login and password 


Refund Policy


If you register for our course and take one hour or less of the course and find that you are not satisfied or find that online courses are not for you contact us within 7 days from the time of registration and you may transfer to a live course for the difference in price.  If you would would like to cancel and not switch to a live course and recieve a refund we will refund your course minus a fee of 10% of the total amount of the topics not completed. Any topics that have been completed you will receive a certificate of completion but no refund will be given.


Students have 3 months from the date of registration to complete the program.  If more than 3 months no refund will be given.